Day: January 19, 2015

An interesting bit of paper

The humans are very dull and get a lot of boring mail. There’s no mail today (it’s some sort of holiday, I take it), but let’s see what came yesterday… Bill (which I will hide), bill (whose return envelope I will make vanish), three ads with coupons for products they don’t buy, financial paperwork (Ooo–I will have to examine that more closely later), and a fancy white envelope. In my experience, fancy white envelopes are often interesting.

Look, Sigyn! The humans have been invited to a ball celebrating the inauguration of the recently-elected state governor! However did they manage that? They didn’t contribute to his campaign, and they certainly don’t rub shoulders with anyone in politics. It must be a mistake.


Sigyn, my sweet, how would you like to attend? This could be just the opportunity I’ve been waiting for! Perhaps this is a sign that I should forget about ruling Texas A&M and leap right to conquering the state. I’m sure I can arrange a…diversion that would result in yours truly taking the oath of office instead of the esteemed governor elect. Besides, I have the feeling I look smashing in a tux!

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