Day: February 2, 2015

Help Wanted, Part VII: The Sixth Interview

I received the oddest note this yesterday, written on a thick, expensive paper.. It began legibly enough, but by the bottom of the page, the penmanship had taken a decided turn for the worse.


The bottom margin looked decidedly chewed. Intrigued, I answered the letter and arranged a meeting for this morning.

Ah, here is my guest now. Dapper fellow, to be sure.



Loki: Good morning. Mr. Hyde?

Guest: Dr. Jekyll, actually. Mr. Hyde is my… associate. He sometimes handles my correspondence.

Loki: Ah. Which one of you is applying for the position?

Dr. Jekyll: Both. We come as a bit of a set.

Loki: I see. Well, I have no objections to an amanuensis. What is your particular expertise, Doctor?

Dr. Jekyll: Chemistry. Biochemistry. Biology and physics. Psychology–abnormal psychology is a bit of a hobby of mine.

Loki: Fascinating. Um. What’s with the flask? I’ve seen quite a few flasks this week.

Dr. Jekyll: It’s a special formula of mine. Arf! I have been experimenting with a mixture that will grrrrrrant me a deeper insight into the working of the darker recesses of the inhuman mind.

Loki: Inhuman? Uh, Dr. Jekyll, are you all right? Can I get you a drink of water or something?

Dr. Jekyll: Please, call me Edward. Hnnnghah!


Sigyn: Loki? Is someone here? Eeek!

Loki: Sigyn! Get back!


Loki: Doctor Mister Jekyll-Hyde, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Capricious I may be, but I do require some stability in my employees.

Hyde: <twitch> Arf! VEry wELl Our PAths mAy croSs agAiN, SirrrRRrrr.



Phew! That was close! Is it wrong of me to hope he runs into Bob, the two of them end up being chums, and they sit up until the wee hours one night doing shots of each other’s potions?

>|: [