Day: February 4, 2015

I haven’t lost my touch.

I have been making sure the human female has an interesting work week. Let’s have a look at the statistics, shall we?

Number of jars of Amoeba ordered: 15

Number of jars of Amoeba delivered on time: 0

Why? I called the vendor and countermanded the “ship overnight” instructions on that order, changing the whole shipment to “2-day.” All the little squigglies spent an extra day in transit with the jar lids screwed on tightly, smothering slowly.

Number of live individual Amoeba remaining for labs on Tuesday: approximately 6, spread across five lab rooms of 24 students each.

Number of minutes the human female spent chewing out the vendor: 15

Number of jars of replacement Amoeba delivered emergency-extra quick on Wednesday (today): 12

Number of boxes of the next shipment of live material from this same vendor due to arrive today: 2 (all full of planty things Sigyn would like)

Number of boxes which arrived: 0

Number of minutes the human female spent chewing out the VERY SAME VENDOR for screwing up the shipping by sending it 2-day AGAIN: 20

Number of days this week the human female has had a screaming headache: 4

I figure by next week, if I can put enough pressure on the vendor, the live materials will be coming by bicycle messenger six days late, and the human female will be spending roughly 25% of every work day hollering into the telephone.

Hmm. What else can I amuse myself with? It’s probably time someone pulled a fire alarm…

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