Glip, glorp, gleeble, durp…Whoosh!

I have not been idle on the mischief front while conducting henchperson interviews. The human female is an Aquarius, and I’ve been trying to make sure her troubles are appropriately water-themed.

Do you see this?


That is a dripping faucet in one of the teaching labs. A most persistently dripping faucet. It was supposedly fixed last summer, when it was discovered that it had been running steadily for so long that there was a sort of green copper-salts stalactite hanging from it, thanks to the lovely local tap water. It was supposedly fixed again last week, when it was found to be wasting gallons and gallons once more. The human female even received a chipper little, “Your work order is now complete–how did we do?” note from the maintenance folks. Work order number three is now in place. We’ll see who goes mad first, the human female or the plumbers. I can play this game indefinitely.

See this?


That is a GUSHING faucet! (I’m not in the photo because I didn’t want to get my cape wet.) I’ve been tinkering with this one, in a different lab room, for quite some time now. It’s malfunctioned before. The other day I thought it would be funny if the students couldn’t get it to shut off. Then I thought it would be even funnier if they could shut it off but it would start up again all by itself during the teaching assistant’s presentation. I’ve got it leaking around the base and dripping down inside the cabinet as well. Prep staff has had to get a giant whopper bucket for that.

There’s a call into maintenance. There’s a betting pool as to when it will actually be fixed. Want a square?

>|: [

p.s.  The apothecary bottles are still here…


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