A February Walk, Part I: In Which I am BORED.

After a whole string of gray/cold/wet days, it is finally sunny and almost warm today. Predictably, the human female and Sigyn have leaped at the chance to go out and poke at plants and get some "exercise." (Can you even call it "exercise" if you stop every ten feet to peer at green stuff?)

See? We haven’t gone half a block and Sigyn is making little "squee" noises about this "cute" little chickweed.


What’s that? The five deeply-notched petals look like bunny ears? If you say so, sweetie.

Oh, super. Now we are sitting in another holly tree. Sigyn, don’t you ever get tired of sitting in holly trees? What? This one is different because it’s deciduous and not a yaupon holly? Dearest, one pokey, red-fruited tree is much like any other pokey, red-fruited tree. I think I will use a little magic on the camera so it doesn’t focus properly.

Ha! Over-exposed:


The human female is trying another shot from a different angle.


Still nope! Ehehehehe! Blurrrrrrr! Ehehehehe! Also, I am deeply amused by the fact that she is getting more than a little shredded by a nasty little seedling hawthorn as she scrunches down to try to capture a good likeness. Give up, mortal. I can keep this up far longer than you can.

>|: [

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