Day: February 12, 2015

A February Walk, Part II: In which I am AVENGED

Seriously, why would the human female want to take stupid holly photos when we can do really interesting things like hunt for crawly things under loose bark on dead trees?


I mean, isn’t she even a teensy bit curious as to what made these holes? And if anything is still in them?


I think maybe I am just not interested in the same sort of nature that Sigyn and the human female are. However, I am not a complete botanical philistine–there are plants I like very much. Take this one, for example.


It is just *loaded* with all of these delightfully wicked burrs. And their little hooked spines are quite reminiscent of my glorious helmet. The human female says that children call them "porcupine eggs." I have no idea what a porcupine is, but I’d like to see her sit on one of these things for a while and try to hatch it.

Or I could just, you know, fling a good handful at her sweater…


Once she unsticks her elbow from her side and her braid from her sweater and teases out the five on her front, I bet she decides that it’s time to go home!

>|: [

p.s.  The apothecary bottles are still here.