Day: February 14, 2015

A Midgardian custom of which I approve

Last year, my celebration of the Midgardian feast of love and romance did not go very well. I swore never to participate again. This year–Oh, this year I am celebrating with my beloved Sigyn and I couldn’t be happier.

It is customary to dine out with one’s partner on this day, so I have brought Sigyn to one of the town’s nicest restaurants. We had a nice ride over here. (I like it when Sigyn rides pillion–it’s a ride with a built-in hug!) There was rather a wait to be seated, but a well-placed glower convinced the hostess to move us to the front of the line. (I told her Sleipnir was a service animal.) Now we are perusing the menu.


I shall order the Straw and Hay for Sleipnir (without the prosciutto.) Sigyn, of course, zeroed in on the Red Fish. I think I will try the Poblano Mac and Cheese, because I am given to understand that, like a certain god I know, poblano peppers are green and spicy.

While we wait for our meal, we can practice our rock-climbing skills on the brickwork…


…and play hide-and-seek with the tableware. Sigyn, I don’t think the water carafe is as opaque as you think it is.


Nor is the candle holder.


Dearest, come out of there. The waiter wants to light the candle.


This is so romantic. The food is delicious, and the company couldn’t be more charming. Even Sleipnir is behaving beautifully.

There is always room for gelato!


Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

>|: [