Day: February 15, 2015

Is it a treat with a toy surprise or a toy with a tasty delivery system?

The human female, using a logic that is logical only to her, is preparing for Lent and getting rid of all the fattening sweets in the house… by eating them.

Marzipan, “that heavenly almondy treat,” is a particular favorite. Apparently it is like modeling clay and can be formed into any shape. She has a few fruit-shaped pieces left from Yule. I’d like it on the record that she did NOT share any with me.

Originally, there were some pieces shaped like strawberries, and those come with little plastic leaf-stem pieces (which she is just barely smart enough not to eat.)


They make fine spinning tops. Sadly, the marzipan peaches, oranges, and whatever-the-greeny-yellow-things-are do not have them.

So, neener neener neener, human female, to Hel with all of your table manners rules. We are TOO going to play with food!

>|: [