Day: February 17, 2015

A cake just for me

Some of the Midgardians are gearing up for something religious, but I’m not sure I understand it completely. Something about forty days and forty nights and fasting and sacrifices and repentance. They plan to start the observance off by feasting and partying and perpetrating misdemeanors so that they have something of which to repent… Sounds like my kind of shindig.

Every Midgardian holiday seems to have its own suite of culinary peculiarities, and this one’s no exception. The human female has been going on and on about King Cake for a week now, and she has located one in the market. Would you look at this handsome thing!

And the cake looks good, too. >|; ]


It is indeed a cake fit for a king. You know what? I think it must have been made in my honor! Maybe this holiday is all about ME! My fame has spread and the populace is on the very brink of rising up en masse and declaring me god and/or king! It is about time! I adore feasting and sacrifices– as long as I’m the one doing the feasting and everyone else is doing the sacrificing. And “Mardi Gras” must mean “everybody kneel” in one of the local dialects. Well done!

However, they do need to make more of an effort to get the colors right. I approve of the green and the gold, but why did they add all the purple? I don’t “do” purple.

Mmmm. Caaaake. I wonder what it tastes like…


Apple! Apples are good. I like apples. But what’s this about an inedible baby inside? I don’t think I like the sound of that. I can be ruthless, but I have yet to stoop to the slaughter of infants and their inclusion in any sort of patisserie.

Maybe I don’t want this holiday…

>|: [