Day: February 22, 2015

A Celebratory Meal, Part II: Small stuffed things

This cuisine appears to feature many dishes based on the principle of the sofa cushion. Take this one, for example.


Soft, pillowy dough outside and some sort of savory filling. The human female calls these Charred Shoe Buns. Surely burnt footgear is not actually among the ingredients? Sigyn, I think I’d give this one a miss, unless you need something squishy to nap on.

Here are two more dumpling-thingies.


The Midgardians ordered some shrimp-stuffed tidbits and some pork-filled nibbles. I can’t tell which is which, can you? Perhaps I should consult the Tarot Ball…

Oh, my. What is this? <poke, poke.> It’s covered with seeds and is piping hot. Great Gungnir! It is full of red paste. I did not expect that. I can think of not a few unsettling things that would make a paste that color. Raw liver. Mashed crayons. Beets.


The humans seem to be suffering no ill effects from eating these weird things, so maybe I will try it. <Nibble, nibble.>

I still can’t tell.

The human female says it is a red bean paste. But it’s sweet! Beans, really? Bean-beans, not jelly beans? Bizarre.

Shoes, mystery stuffing, beans. I think I will never understand Midgardian food. But it tastes good!

>|: [