A Celebratory Meal, Part III: Finishing up

Uh uh, no way. Except for the burnt shoe buns, I’ve been a good sport and I’ve tried everything on this rotating table. But I’m drawing the line at food that comes in leaves.


I am a god, and a food packet whose wrapper looks like something the human female might rake off the lawn is beneath me. What’s next? Something served in a sock?

Ah, this is more like it. Sigyn has gone to the buffet at the side and come back with this interesting sheet of crispy bubbles. <tap, tap, tap.> They sound hollow and smell sort of waffle-y. Sigyn, I’ll try one if you will.


Hmm. Not bad. And yes, they are hollow.

Oh, now this looks delectable! Egg custard tartlets! Frigga used to make something similar, but hers had bits of fruit and some special spices. Mmm. These are good, but Frigga’s were better.


Who knew Chinese food could make me homesick for Asgard?

Happpy New Year. Call your mother.

>|: (

tags dim sum, quaint Midgardian customs, all the more lo mai gai for the human female, Loki doesn’t get it, Loki, Lego Loki]

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