Monday updates

Just to keep you apprised.

Current mischief level: Average to above average (for a Monday)

The plumber has been out to look at the Misbehaving Faucet That Gushes yet again. Yup, yup–it’s still there. Nope, hasn’t been permanently fixed. The human female is insisting, again, that the faucet be replaced. Amazingly enough, the university has no stock of fixtures, but one can possibly be ordered. It was supposed to have been ordered last week, but I distracted last week’s plumber with a sandwich.

The other problem faucet, twice fixed, is now…dripping…again.

There is a small chance of freezing rain this afternoon or tomorrow. Someone, on behalf of the the university’s Law School, anticipating Fimbulwinter, called in a Code Maroon and cancelled classes today, leading to all sorts of people thinking the main campus is closed. Some students will be completely crestfallen to learn they skipped Biology and it was unexcused.

I may–or I may not–tinker with the weather to coat everything in ice tomorrow morning. I’m still debating what would cause the most trouble–getting all the schools to close for a situation that does not actually develop, or encouraging them to pooh-pooh the ice and not cancel things until everyone is skidding merrily about and it is too late to avoid a hundred minor but traffic-snarling accidents? Decisions, decisions.

And I hid the human female’s office key over the weekend. Someone found it for her this morning, but not before she had a proper panic.

And it’s only NOON!

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