Day: March 1, 2015

A Forest Field Trip, Part II: In which Sigyn is predictable

I am sure that it would come as no surprise to anyone that the first thing Sigyn wants to do is sit in a holly tree. This one is at least different from the others she has dragged me into. It does not, at the moment, have any fruit. What it does have are rather large, extra-stiff-and-prickly leaves. Be careful, Dearest. It’s all fun until someone loses an eye.


This soft, fluffy fern is much more pleasant to sit in. It is an odd fern, the only one in Texas that climbs like a vine. The human female says it is a nasty, exotic, invasive species from Asia. (She is not very tolerant of alien beings, myself included.) Well, *I* think it is lovely. Perhaps I will take home a cutting to plant in her yard.


The humans are very busy with stakes and rolls of brightly colored flagging, counting and measuring trees and scribbling notes in notebooks. Sigyn and I are at leisure to examine some of the not-trees. This is bitter cress. Supposedly it is a relative of broccoli and cauliflower and kale. I nibbled a piece, and yes, it does have a rather peppery-cabbagey taste. Still, it is better for looking at than eating, especially since it seems to be attracting some little white butterflies. Sigyn, do leave off trying to catch one–what would you do with it if you caught it?


The field trip has moved on, headed for the low-lying area that gives the area its name. The flora has changed a bit, and now it has a distinctly primeval look, as if dinosaurs would not be out of place. What are those short plants with the large, fan-like leaves?


The human female has pronounced them to be sabal palmettos, squat little palm trees with their trunks mostly underground. Sigyn, you thought that oak leaf was big–look how large this frond is!


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