More “fun” with glassware

The human female may have finally got the Great Apothecary Bottle Snafu of 2014-2015 resolved (still waiting on the refund), but I can’t let her be without a vendor problem to chew on, so I meddled with her latest glassware order.

See this?


This is the future Ruler of Midgard in all his glory, in a 4-liter beaker. Says so right on the side. This will give you an idea of the scale. (These are BIG! Thor’s-mead-horn big.):


You would think that the human female ordering four such as this would, eventually, result in four of them being delivered. It might have, but that would be boring! Instead, I Arranged Things so that she got to spend a lot of time on the phone with Customer Service this morning and ended up sending the following to the account representative for the vendor:

Dear [Acount Rep]

Remember the whole fiasco with the gloves that one time, when we ordered 4 cases and they sent 4 boxes and [vendor] couldn’t just ship us 36 more boxes and we had to send the four boxes BACK and then get shipped 4 cases and it took weeks to straighten things out?* And, of course, the 5 cases of apothecary bottles…?

Well, it has happened again. On our PO # xxxxxx, we ordered a case of 4, 4,000 ml beakers. That’s what went in on the order, with the price carefully noted. When I was inputting it, I noticed that part of what was generated looked as if it said “pk of 1”, so in the “note to supplier” field of our software, I wrote “The beaker line says “PK1″, but what we need is the case of 4, at the price shown (from our contract catalog)”

You guessed it. We received just 1. I’ve called Customer Service, and they are sending the other three, but the billing is *all* messed up. They may have to issue a refund for the three that didn’t originally ship and then bill for them on a separate invoice. No telling how long it will take for this to clear up.

So–is there some way you can thump the appropriate people in order fulfillment on the head and say, “Pay attention to the notes the customer attaches to the invoice”? And then go to the web people and thump them on the head and say, “There are problems with the A&M punch-out because it is filling in info that is contrary to the catalog.” And then go to the billing folks and thump THEM on the head and say, “There has to be a way to be more responsive.” And then go back to the order fulfillment people and say, “Oh, and make sure the packing slip you include actually goes with the order,” because we got a packing slip that was supposed to go to  someone named [x] at [some company totally unaffiliated with Texas A&M]., in Seabrook, TX.”

In other news:

–The live materials vendor has shorted her two jars of tiny, tentacled creatures on this week’s order.

— An instructor and some students thought they smelled gas in the hallway.  (Perhaps the bean empanadas were a mistake on my part…)

— The dripping faucet in one of the labs is STILL DRIPPING!  So far, it is tied with Ol’ Gusher, the running sink, for number of repair visits for the same item, but since Ol’ Gusher was finally replaced last week, this one may yet pull ahead.

— Some of the teaching labs are roasting hot, while other parts of the floor are on the nippy side.

Ehehehehehehe.  It’s such fun watching her try to remain polite while actually wanting to throttle the vendors and the repairmen–and me.

Sigyn, unfortunately, is having some glassware issues of her own.


Sweetie, of course I can get you out, but how did you get in?

>|: [

*   I’m sorry to say I had nothing to do with this; it was before I arrived on Midgard. It’s a good one!


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