Day: March 6, 2015

A Little Friday Mischief

I do try to make the human female’s life a little more surreal. Leaving aside the glassware snafus, the live materials that arrive dead, the ever-dripping faucets, and the freakish alternation of spring and summer weather, I endeavor to amuse myself in some very subtle ways.

The human female is a devotee of Renaissance polyphonic ecclesiastical choral music. (What a mouthful!) At the moment, she is listening to a CD of masses and motets by Tomas Luis de Victoria (Spanish, 1548-1611.) It’s actually quite sublime, although for a truly authentic performance, the singers should all be male…

However. Examine, if you will what I’ve told Windows Media Player to display as what is currently in her headphones:


Depeche Mode’s Ultra. The specific track is “It’s No Good.” Yup.

>|: [


This can’t be good.

These signs have begun to appear on campus.


They are looking for something. My super-sensitive godly hearing can detect the faint thumping. What are they looking for? Probably nothing good.

Or–I know! There’s something of an oil boom going on in this state. Perhaps the Powers That Be are looking for oil under the campus? Ehehehehehe. I think I will have to arrange it so that any oil they find is smack under the ATM logo in the center of the reconstructed Kyle Field and they are faced with the choice of tapping into the pool of liquid income and ripping up all the new turf or leaving it be and missing out on the $$$.

Talk about a dilemma!

>|: [