A Little Friday Mischief

I do try to make the human female’s life a little more surreal. Leaving aside the glassware snafus, the live materials that arrive dead, the ever-dripping faucets, and the freakish alternation of spring and summer weather, I endeavor to amuse myself in some very subtle ways.

The human female is a devotee of Renaissance polyphonic ecclesiastical choral music. (What a mouthful!) At the moment, she is listening to a CD of masses and motets by Tomas Luis de Victoria (Spanish, 1548-1611.) It’s actually quite sublime, although for a truly authentic performance, the singers should all be male…

However. Examine, if you will what I’ve told Windows Media Player to display as what is currently in her headphones:


Depeche Mode’s Ultra. The specific track is “It’s No Good.” Yup.

>|: [



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