Was it really only a year ago?

One year ago today Sigyn and I had our first date. We spread a quilt and enjoyed a lovely picnic—at least, until her harridan of a sister showed up.

Now we are cuddled up on another quilt, one the human female made years ago. (Why Midgardians feel it necessary to cut up a lot of perfectly good fabric just to sew it all together again is beyond me.)


It is, uh, very… colorful.

I like the green squares best. This one is green and yellow, which will do very nicely.


No, wait! This one is better. The plants on it look all prickly and fierce.


Sigyn likes the red area of the quilt and is quite taken with one particular patch.


She says the alligator looks friendly.

Hmm. I didn’t notice before… The “blank” spaces in the quilt have the Midgardian alphabet quilted into them. Here’s an L.


And Sigyn has found her S.


Sigyn, look! They’re right next to one another. It’s almost as if the human female knew we’d be coming along!


And in the center, two hearts, just for us. Happy Anniversary, my sweetling.


>|: ]


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