Day: March 12, 2015

Adventures in Plant Collecting, Part I: Deciding what to collect

Sigyn has definitely been spending far too much time with the human female. Now my dearest has decided that she doesn’t just want to drag me out looking at plants, she wants to drag me out collecting plants in the Proper Scientific Manner.

Oh, be still my villainous little heart. But I am happy to humor my beloved. Sigyn, if you’ll demonstrate, I’ll narrate.

First rule of collecting: if you only see one of something, don’t pick it. Sigyn really likes Bluets, but she isn’t going to take this lonely one.


This is better! Remember the Rule of Twenty: If you see twenty, you may collect one. Now we’re in business.


Benno is just sad that flowers have to have their lives tragically cut short, even for Science.


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