Day: March 13, 2015

Adventures in Plant Collecting, Part II: Taking a sample

The human female says it is very important to collect a complete specimen, if you can. Roots are a “must” for non-woody things. Apparently they can tell you a lot, but what would a root say? “Thank goodness I’m not a beet”?

You may need some tools. In soft, loose soil, a screwdriver or even a spoon will do.


The local soils, unfortunately, will bend that spoon on the first try. (Supposedly they are Lufkin Fine Sandy Clay, but I have heard them referred to as Lufkin Fine Sandy Concrete, which is not far off the mark.) Since she couldn’t find her trowel and I was not allowed to supply her with explosives, I provided Sigyn with something that will do the job. I am Loki, God of Overkill.


Be sure to collect a little extra plant material, put it in a plastic bag, and keep it cool. You will want it when it comes time to identify your specimens.


The human female, being a plant nerd, is used to keeping baggies and plastic containers of plant matter in the refrigerator. Her long-suffering spouse, however, is not always amused to find Milkwort where the milk usually goes and Buttercups where the butter should be.

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