Day: March 14, 2015

Adventures in Plant Collecting, Part III: The Flattened Flora

Press each sample in a half page of newspaper.

This is a whole sheet. It’s too much paper:


Tear this in half. The paper will keep all the parts of the specimen together and give you a place to write your collection number and any other details.


This is the right amount. Do not get sidetracked reading the comics.

Pressing a plant is like making the Midgardian dish called “lasagna.” Plant press, corrugated cardboard (allows ventilation), blotter paper (wicks moisture away), newspaper.

Carefully lay out your sample on the paper. Nothing should hang out. You may have to fold your plant to fit.


Some plants are uncooperative. This is where it would be helpful sometimes to have a third–or even a fourth–hand. Sigyn, with my magic I could give you an extra — No? Very well. Have it your way. Fold the paper over the plant, top with a blotter, then another cardboard corrugate. Then the press is ready for the next plant!

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