Day: March 15, 2015

Adventures in Plant Collecting, Part IV: Finishing Up

Once you have pressed all your plants, close the press and tighten it as much as possible. There’s no such thing as too flat!

You may need to have someone help you by sitting or standing on your press. Sigyn weighs just about the right amount.



I take it back. There is such a thing as too flat.

Now put the press someplace dry and drafty. Keep the plants in the press until they are dry. Small things take a few days. Thick, juicy specimens take longer.

Don’t forget to be a Good Scientist and record all the data– Collector, collection number, date, precise location, description of the plant, description of the habitat, any necessary sketches, etc. Photographs are useful too.


Sigyn’s field log is red because a) she likes red, and b) it is easy to spot if she drops it or leaves it behind. We could outfit an expedition to darkest Peru with the pens, papers, diggers, rubber boots, hats, and other assorted field equipment the human female has lost. But she never had me to help her.*

>|: [

* Nor will she.