A Mischief Update

It’s not all plant-smashing around here. No, I have been hard at work. Let me update you on what I’ve arranged for the human female in her place of employment. (I won’t say “workplace,” because that would imply she actually, you know, does work.)

1. Fun and games with glassware: Remember the big beakers? There’s been no word on whether the one with the funny flaw is safe to use. Nor has there been confirmation on whether the Apothecary Bottles of Unpleasant Memory have been refunded yet.

2. The Squiggly Things vendor never did manage to get her the two jars of little tentacled beasts. Or rather, they did, but they did not succeed in getting them to her alive. She now has a nice stack of invoices marked “D.O.A.”

3. This same Squiggly Things vendor has sent yet another shipment by 2-day air rather than overnight. She’s going to have lots of fun trying to track it down, too, because the campus is closed tomorrow for Spring Break, so it won’t get delivered. Mischief takes no breaks.

4. The humans had some fun activities planned for Spring Break, but I’ve arranged for rain, inches and inches of it. Hey, the female should thank me. It’ll be too wet for yard work.

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