The Room of Doom, Part II: Trash and treasure

Today I begin my in-depth fossicking about, looking for useful bits and pieces. Someone with my godly intelligence and keen inventiveness should be able to make some fine weapons or other contrivances out of the best fragments and scrappets.


But first I think I want to don a pair of these protective gloves. There’s not a speck of all this that doesn’t look somehow contagious…

Hmm. This appears to be some species of engine. I’ve no idea what it’s meant to do, but I am certain its innards can be re-purposed.


Likewise this gizmo. (I like that Midgardian word, “gizmo.”)


I can definitely think of some uses for this:


These, not so much:


I peeked, and this cooler is, unfortunately, accurately labeled. I am glad Sigyn isn’t here to mourn the little whiskered mummies.

There is probably a story behind all of this, but I’m not sure that I want to hear it.

>|: [

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