Day: March 22, 2015

No lifeguard on duty

After the recent heavy rains, all sorts of small ponds have sprung up.


This, however, is not one of them.


It is a hole in the roadway large enough to swallow small vehicles.* The road to the human female’s second place of employment (Yes, it requires two jobs to keep her in ice cream and quilt fabric) is riddled with them. Approaching her workplace is something of a slalom affair.

I am sad to relate that moments after these photographs were taken, Sigyn lost her balance and fell in. I levitated her out immediately, of course, but she was still quite shaken. After a bath, I had to dry her off and comfort her for some time. I look forward to filling in the craters in the roadway with the pulverized bones of those responsible for its lack of upkeep.

>|: [

* I think I saw a Volvo down in the bottom of one.