A Foggy Walk, Part I: It’s all spangly

According to the calendar, it’s Spring now! Overnight, the weather has gone from put-another-quilt-on-the-bed to aack-how-much-clothing-can-I-take-off-without-being-arrested? If horns and cape and armor were not so much a part of my “look,” the world would behold a godly sight, you can be sure.

The human female is celebrating the Equinox (So much fuss about the tilting of the Earth’s axis. If you ask me, the whole planet’s out of whack) in her usual manner: She is stomping about in “Nature.” Where she goes, Sigyn invariably follows, and where Sigyn goes, faithful Loki cannot be far behind. The woods can be a dangerous place, and I must make sure my beloved is safe.

It is very foggy this morning. Little droplets are spangling everything. This woolly bucket tree (Who names these plants?!) is a rather fetching silvery-green.


The human female says the leaves are hairy underneath. A plant with long underwear! Only on Midgard…


This spiderwort blossom is also bedewed. What a pity its brilliant blue color does not photograph well. Sigyn likes this plant because the little stalks that hold up the yellow bits are furry and the yellow bits are shaped like bow ties. I am sure there are botanical words for all those flower parts, but to be honest, I don’t care what they are. When the human female natters about morphology, I simply stop listening.


I want to know where the actual spiders are. Here is a nice, big web, but I don’t think anyone is home.


Oh, Sigyn! Look at this one! Shall I wave my hand and turn these sparklies into real diamonds for you?


No? Very well. But you are worth more than diamonds. Do not forget that.

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