Day: March 25, 2015

A Foggy Walk, Part III: Oh, goody. More trees.

The fog has largely burned off, but things are still very damp. Trees like it that way, and they are all very “happy” today. Sigyn says this one has put on its party dress.


Isn’t it time for a little rest? We should stop and admire the view from this bridge over a largeish creek. Look–another of the pink trees. Let us see if we can get a closer look at the blossoms. Ah–clever Sigyn has found some on the bridge railing.


Yes, Sigyn, they do look a bit like bedroom slippers. I can’t really enjoy this interlude, though. I recall what happened the last time I sat on a bridge when the human female was nearby…

Uh, oh. This tree is considerably less happy. I would like to go on record as saying that I did not do it. I have better things to do with my time than smite dendritic vegetation. Go blame someone else.


We have come to a low-lying portion of the forest. The ground underfoot is decidedly…squishy. Be careful, Sigyn, that you do not become stuck fast in the mire. In fact, I shall demand that the human female carry us. Her boots are supposedly waterproof.


I wonder what, besides tree reflections, lurks in this muddy pondlet the human female calls an oxbow.


I also wonder where the ox is, and why someone would want to tie a bow to one in the first place?

Sigyn–look! Isn’t that one of the odd little shrubby tree things we saw on the human female’s field trip?


The human female is quite excited and is snapping photos rapidly. She is enjoying this walk entirely too much. I shall have to remedy that… She is about to find out that her waterproof boots…aren’t, and I think I can get a bird to drop something nasty on her head.

>|: [