A Not-so-foggy Walk, Part IV: A Bevy of blossoms

Hah! It is growing warm now, and the human female has shed her jacket and commenced to sweat. (Sweaty is not a good look on her.) She has slowed her pace considerably and is stopping more and more often to look at smaller plants.

This little violet is attractive.


Note that on and around it are the flat, circular fruits of an American elm. According to the human female, this tree used to be much more common, but most of them died due to a fungal blight. As Frigga is my witness, I had nothing to do with that.

This little plant has bright pink flowers. Sigyn thinks it is “cute.” I was going for “garish.”



Meh. Isn’t there something less boring? Like this–this good! It is omnipresent and prickly, two admirable qualities in a plant and a supervillain.


The human female says that later on this plant will be covered with plump blackberries. Indeed?


Behold! The larval stage of cobbler!

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