Day: March 28, 2015

A (Mostly) Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, Sigyn and I exchanged vows in the presence of the mumblesome Great Goober and all his little goobery minions. (If you are unfamiliar with the tale of our courtship and meeting, I direct you to my diary entries from last February and March.)

I never tire of looking at our wedding photo.


I am still not sure if we are actually married, since I have never ascertained the Great Goober’s authority with regard to matrimony, and there is still the matter of Sigyn’s consent. However, I certainly want to celebrate this day. I asked Sigyn what she would like for a gift, and she said she would rather have an experience than a token and would like to visit the local Museum of Natural History. Sigh. I have had quite enough “nature” recently, but at least this museum thingy is indoors, so here we are.

Sigyn likes this tall, beaky bird.


The sign doesn’t say what this bird eats. Sigyn says she thinks it would eat little shellfish at the beach. I say it certainly looks capable of getting the last olive out of the jar.

Bones can be scary, but this sea turtle skull, which doesn’t have any pointy teeth, is fun to explore.


This alligator skull, though, was too much for Sigyn, but I am admiring its toothy grin.


No telling what this is…


I think Sigyn would rather go see some cute animals. Absolutely, dear heart. I’ve heard they have some child-friendly animatronic dinosaurs. Let us go see those.

Oh, no!


Let her go, you evil beast! Release her this instant or I will blast you into a small pile of gears and melted rubber!

Whew. My beloved is unharmed, only a bit shaken up.

I am so sorry, Sigyn. Happy Anniversary anyway, and don’t forget that I love you.

>|: [