In search of Anubis, Part I: Basic Archaeology

So I read the book about Anubis. I must admit I expected it to have more hieroglyphics and shades of the dead and pyramids and such. It did seem to be written in some sort of code, though, and I couldn’t make out much of it at all. In the absence of a prescribed summoning rite, If I want to meet Anubis, I shall have to hunt him up myself.

When in doubt, dig. It’s what we Egyptologists do. Sigyn and I have taken up faithful Gungnir and trusty shovel and have found ourselves a patch of good, diggable sand. It is warm, and there is a terrific glare, but we are undaunted.


We have dug and dug and haven’t found anything. Let us take a break. Sigyn thinks it would be funny to bury me a bit. She is certainly amused.


I am not.

We have moved over several yards to try again.

<a bit later>

Ho! We’ve struck something hard! Perhaps it’s a bit of faience or a funerary statue or a big scarab or… Huh. I did not expect this.


What is Native American pottery doing in Egypt?

>|: [

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