In search of Anubis, Part II: Not there quite yet…

Obviously, last time we did not dig down far enough. The pottery was nice, but it was nineteenth century at the earliest. We need old! We need ancient! We have moved on from where we found the pots and have started a new dig. Ah! Sigyn, have you found something? Is that a glimpse of bone I’m seeing?

Indeed it is!


Yes, dearest, those *are* impressive incisors, but I don’t recall that the Egyptians numbered a gopher-headed god among their pantheon. Perhaps, again, we have not dug down far enough. Here, let me dig for a while.


I think…No..Yes. Look, Sigyn! We’ve found…oh.


Two trilobites and an ammonite. Now I think we might have dug down a bit too far…

>|: [


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