Day: April 5, 2015

The workings of a great mind (Deep Thoughts, Part I)

Despite the fact that I am known as the God of Lies, I am usually very direct, very honest in chronicling My exploits.

I have such a powerful, multifaceted intellect there are always at least three thought processes or tracks going on at any given moment. I shall illustrate, using this morning’s encounter with the seasonally carnivorous Eater Bunny as an example.


Track 1: Animals just love Sigyn. I don’t blame them–she’s adorable!

Track 2: Must be alert. We don’t know if this rabbit is friendly.

Track 3: Damn, that thing has big feet…


Track 1: I wonder what sweet little secrets she’s telling it?

Track 2: I’m not sure I like the look in its eye. Good thing Gungnir is handy.

Track 3: What color is bunny earwax?


Track 1: Aww… It’s eating out of her hand. That’s so cute!
Track 2: Careful, sweetling. Rabbits can have a vicious streak a mile wide…

Track 3: Dang. Now I’m hungry for a salad.

>|: [