Sometimes nature is unkind. (Not for the kiddies)

Another day, another nature walk. Sigyn has found some buttercups in this wet ditch. (Oh, great. A wet ditch. I can tell this is going to be one those days when the human female gets home and the human male will look her up and down and ask if she left any mud in the outdoors.)

Buttercups are hard to photograph, because the petals are so waxy-shiny that they’re surrounded by a perpetual glare.


Sigyn says the look like they’ve been cut out of extra-fancy wrapping paper, the kind you get on gifts from expensive department stores. I wouldn’t know. I don’t give (or get) a lot of presents, and malls give me hives.

She’s asking what that is up there along the road. I see it, Sigyn, but I can’t tell what— Oh.


You’re right, Sigyn. That is an odd place for a bunny to take a nap, but we, uh, shouldn’t wake him up. He’ll have a nice snooze and then go bouncing off into the long grass. Tell you what, sweetie, let’s go sit in that tree over there. It looks as if it might be full of flowers.



Sometimes it is useful to be the God of Lies.

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