Day: April 19, 2015

Bzzzt! Wheeeeeeennnnnnnnnn!

The young Midgardian whose party I have taken over has received some interesting gifts. Chief among them is a set of electric components with which one can build any number of gadgets and tinkerments.


I am quite adept at circuitry. Such a tantalizing array of potential mayhem is irresistible.


The kit has come with a booklet containing instructions for various projects. I think… let me see… We shall build THIS ONE!


We shall need these two pieces, plus that thingummy over there. No, the other one.


The Ticking Screecher is complete!


Sigyn, light of my life, you might want to cover your ears, or better yet, let us leave the vicinity, for I have added a special, magical, Loki touch to this device.

Once activated, it will never, ever shut off, even should the batteries be removed…

Ehehehehehehe! Oh, dear me—look at the time! Off we go!

>|: [