Day: April 24, 2015

Found Objects, Part I: It’s a….thing.

Sigyn and I are out for a stroll, just– Oh. What is this?


Sigyn doesn’t know, either. I think, though, that it has the look of something that would make a very nice bomb.


Next time the human female makes gravy, this is going in the bottom of the pot.

Sigyn, what is that you’ve found?

Hmm. I believe it is some sort of paper clip, but I agree! It does look as if it is smiling!


Oh! Oh! If you hold it that way, Sigyn, it has little buck teeth. “Doopty doopty do! Hurr de durr. Look at me–I’m so happy to be a paper clip, Hyuk, yuk, yuk!”


(Sigyn loves it when I do funny voices.)

>|: [