Didn’t we do this already? Part III: Bored now.

So the Biology Nerds in the Woods Festival is now open. The Plant Team’s table is all set up. Let the crowds come!

Any moment now.

Stiiiill waiting.

Here come some— No. Sorry! Just more volunteers.

Well, well, well. It appears that the humans have done a monumental amount of work for a pitiful turnout from the public. Before you ask, no, I’m sure the fact that I helped various organizations schedule a dozen other events going on all over town today has nothing to do with it.

Now we must amuse ourselves while we wait for visitors to show up. Sigyn is playing with the hand lens.


Ehehehehe! You look funny! My turn! Human, hold the lens and let me try.



That was fun! What else can we do? I see we have crayons. Crayons are acceptable. Last year I made a pink leaf rubbing. Green. I need green. Green is better.


The human female, though extremely sloppy about most things, is very “sensitive to color.” She is completely unable to resist the urge to herd the box of mixed up crayons into some semblance of spectral conformity.


It’s a sickness. Still, I must admit that the green ones do look best all grouped together.


Sigyn, of course, prefers the other end of the lineup.


Wow. Look how bright it is outside the tent! The sun has come out, and it is really warming up out there. Warm enough, say, to turn a rainbow of crayons into a puddle of waxy goo…

Nudge, nudge, roll, shove.

>|: [


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