Day: May 2, 2015

Pop! Popopopop! Pop!

Midgardians have a tradition of playing with their office supplies. Paper clip chains, rubber band wars, papering each other’s cubicles with sticky notes. Most of it is pretty infantile and pointless, but there is one article before which the God of Mischief is helpless.



I adore this stuff! Pop! Pop! Die, bubbles! Truly, it is addictive! Join me in merry destruction of plastic blisters, my love!


Pop! Pop! Popopopopop! Wait! Sigyn, look! These are mere trifles. Look at the giant ones!


Oh. Ehhehehehe. Poor Sigyn! My delicate little blossom doesn’t weigh enough to break these! They just sort of sigh beneath her.


Fear not, gentle Sigyn! Gungnir and I shall smite them in your name! POW! POW! Take that!


>|: ]