Day: May 4, 2015

A Perilous Expedition, Part I: It’s..It’s…Monstrous

Life among the humans can be quite dull. Sometimes, I feel if I don’t have just a bit of mystery, of adventure, I will go mad. I am, therefore, undertaking an expedition of discovery that will be fraught with peril and the unexpected. No one has attempted this before and survived. The skalds will sing of my bravery for a thousand years.

I give you…



The human female’s backpack.

This is the black hole of accessories, a very Fire Swamp of luggage. Things that go in there get lost forever, and no one is really sure just what lurks within. I mean to explore its depths and reveal its sordid secrets to the world.

You will notice that Sigyn is not with me. While I may let her wing-walk on airplanes and ride wild stinks, there are some things that are simply too gruesome for my delicate blossom to be exposed to.

The human female calls this the Mother Ship. Her whole life is in here.


It has several capacious compartments. I suspect that’s to keep some of the contents away from some of the other contents. I think there are things living in there, and I think they squabble. No, seriously. I’ve heard noises at night that I can’t blame on the cat.

All the sections open with zippers. This one has a nice canvas-y, ribbon-y zipper pull. I’ll be removing that, of course. The human female will probably be too lazy to mend it properly. I predict that by next week it it will have been replaced by a paper clip or a twist-tie off the nearest bread loaf.


Well. It’s now or never. Wish me luck–I’m going in!


>|: [