Day: May 8, 2015

A Perilous Expedition, Part V: I Weep For The Trees

I dearly miss my sweet Sigyn, but I’m forging ahead.

I weep for the trees that gave their lives for the staggering amount of paper the human female totes around. (I mean that quite literally. This whole backpack contraption is so heavy that it sometimes makes her list a little to starboard as she walks.)

I have already waded through the paper towel and nose tissues in the previous pocket. I am sorry to say there are more here, plus enough other scraps to fill a library.


If I am reading this correctly, this has to do with the human female’s nerd-work cataloging some botanical collections. This appears to be a list of specimens, ones whose names need to be changed in a database. It represents hours of serious note-taking. Note that the data is written in pencil. Note that she has put the notes in plastic so that the pencil will not tear or smear and be lost. Note that I have already located the eraser in this backpack…

What else is here?

Several to-do lists, all uncompleted.

Hastily scrawled map on the back of an envelope. Fact: The human female has no sense of direction. I am in earnest–she can get turned around in the building in which she has worked for two years.

Cryptic sticky-note. No longer sticky, but still plenty cryptic. What does it mean? Who knows! Who cares!


Bits and scraps with book and movie titles or scribbled notations of opus numbers for pieces of baroque music. Are these things she wants to read/see/listen to? Works she already owns? Not a clue.

Snippets of short stories. She fancies herself a writer. Pffft. I’ve read her work. She should leave it buried in the backpack.

Disorganized shopping list from week before last.


"Lunch stuff." Very specific. ¿Y qué es un ‘bolillo’?

List of things to do in Oxford, England on a vacation the humans will never get around to taking*:


Observe that the list includes plants, museums, boardgames, churches, and architecture. Oh, yeah, these people are just that boring.

But what’s this? Hmm. Maybe not so boring after all…


Why on earth was I not invited?

>|: [

*You may have heard that as a result of the recent general
elections in the U.K., the pound is rising against the dollar.  I don't
care one way or another who governs England, since *I* will rule
everything sooner or later, but I'm not above nudging things so that, on
the slim chance the humans do get a vacation, it will cost them as much as possible.