Day: May 13, 2015

BTHO* Finals, Part I: Stress-busting

The students at the University are taking their final exams. It is a highly stressful time, as they are coming to the realization that they cannot remedy a whole semester’s goofing off with an all-night cram session fueled by pizza and No-doz. It’s stressful for the faculty and staff as well. There are tests to give, papers to grade, grades to calculate and turn in, whiners to strangle… And it is raining, raining, raining. The whole campus smells of wet umbrella and desperation.


The library staff has done their best to ratchet the tension down a few notches by providing everyone with some playthings. Sigyn and I have wandered over between downpours to see what’s on offer.

While I survey the toy-strewn landscape from a top a cleverly-constructed amusement park ride,


Sigyn has made a bee-line for the crayons. And a neat job she’s making of it, too!


What shall we do next, my sweet? Do you wish to play sports?


Or perhaps stretch our mental muscles by doing a jigsaw puzzle?


I think it might be Midgard, as seen from Yggdrasil, but since this one piece is all we can find, we may never know for sure.

I know! Let us build something using some of the brightly-colored construction toys.


Say the word, and I shall build you a cozy rustic cabin of your very own.


Unlike a Midgardian pioneer, I need neither hew nor heft the logs through grunt-work. My magic is sufficient for the task!

Great Volstagg’s grocery bill! What foul feathered fiend invades our home?!


Sigyn, as I fear the library staff will "shush!" us if I engage this cranky canary-hulk in combat, let us haste from this location. Someone has left a fine motor chariot which we may appropriate—but mind the explosives I packed! (One never knows when the need for a good blast will arise.)


Truly, this is a most knobby and uncomfortable conveyance. Its modular components, while versatile, do not make for luxurious travel.

Ah. We have located a codex of lore pertaining to these brightly-colored bricks.


Or perhaps this is an Abnormal Psychology text left behind by a student? Clearly the individual depicted in image 3 is suffering from a pathological sorting compulsion. (Though he does not seem to be too bothered by it.)

Uh, oh. This is disturbing:


This page of the tome suggests that the small pieces may be some sort of colonial organism with a collective hive mind, one which is capable of visualizing what sort of prey it desires!

Nevertheless, I am more than a match for a swarm of sentient bits, Sigyn, so do not be afraid. Still, let us depart from here and go see what else we may do…

>|: [

*BTHO = Beat The Hell Outta