Day: May 14, 2015

BTHO Finals, Part II: Of Magic and Mustangs

Sigyn and I continue to explore the stress-busting activities put out by the caring and creative staff of the library.

By Thor’s bitty ball-peen, look at this!


A book of Midgardian sleight-of-hand. Pfft! There can be nothing here I do not already know. For example, I could easily make Sigyn disappear from that doorway, but let us see what it says about the props scattered all about.

This vanish-the-lady cabinet operates by means of a pulley and a counterweight.


Child’s play. This is lame too:


Everyoneknows the ball is never under the middle cup. No one with half a brain picks the middle….oh.

Um… Er. Cards! Enough magic! Let’s play cards instead. Here, I shall deal out a game of solitaire.


I have played with a Midgardian deck before, and I think something is wrong with this one. There shouldn’t be two– Ah. Ehehehehe. I get it now–this deck is from the magic set. One can do the old "Is this your card?" routine with the duplicate five thrust up one’s sleeve.

When no one is looking, I shall render another card or two equally "magical."


What have you found, Sigyn? Say, there, little lady, that is very cute on you!


Oh, and here is the horse to go with the hat. This is exactly Sigyn’s idea of bliss.


The horse apparently has a brother.


When Sigyn talks baby talk to animals, I can actually feel my intellect liquefying and running out my ears. While she communes with the hoofstock, I shall keep my mind occupied with pencil puzzles.


Pitiful. I haven’t even started this dot-to-dot and I can already tell it is going to be a skyscraper with many windows. What a stunning lack of imagination. I shall go see if Sigyn is still crooning to the equines.

Now hold on one rootin’-tootin minute there!


That bow-legged, beady-eyed good-for-nothing is making a play for my sweetie! And what is he planning to do with that rope?! I must defend her!


Snort. Lily-livered as well as squatty, the odious cowpoke has "skedaddled." Remember, Sigyn, no one cares for you the way I do.


Come, it is time to leave. We have just one more stop on the way out.


Mine, mine, all mine!


>|: [