Day: May 19, 2015

The Green Road to Success

The human female’s university has the reputation of being a good Agriculture school, a good Engineering school, a good Business school, and a very good Vet school. Note that the fine arts aren’t on that list. Oh, there are arts here, but they take second place, and sometimes there’s disagreement about their fineness.

Case in point: Recently, like toadstools after a rain, several sculptures sprouted up around the Academic Building. Sigyn and I have come out to have a look. There is a shiny silver one, a bright blue one, and one in a rather pleasing shade of green. This is the card for the green one.


I’m glad they specified the title, because I would not have divined it from the piece’s appearance.


My first thought: This is art? And yet….it does have a nice rhythm and flow to it.* It’s not symmetrical, but it is balanced. And now that I think about it, all the bumps and twists and backtracking ARE reminiscent of my struggles to attain the rule of Midgard. It has not been easy, and my goal continues to elude me, but perhaps, in looking back on the trials and difficulties, I may yet discern a noble pattern and a grace. It will all make sense, and I will be lifted up to the adulation of millions.


Or, you know, it might all just be so that Sigyn has something to climb on.


And while I am waiting for my life to make sense, I am absolutely tickled that as the human female is taking photos of the sculpture, some sort of minute, vicious thrips insects are falling from the tree above and biting her incessantly.

>|: [

*  I must be spending too much time looking over the human female's shoulder as she studies biomolecules.  Tell me that this piece isn't supremely reminiscent of ribbon diagrams of tertiary structure in protein folding.