Day: June 2, 2015

That Loud Noise You Hear

Is the human female banging her head against her desk.

You will recall that she has had frustrating dealings with the Squiggly Things Vendor before, on multiple occasions. I have had so much fun orchestrating those contretemps that I went so far as to suborn the packers and shippers at Squiggly Things, Inc. They work for me now, and take every opportunity to get creative with her purchases.

Behold, a section of the P.O. on a recent purchase:


Note that a) she has requested next day air shipping for all the fragile little squigglies in this order, and b) she has a coupon. This coupon was issued by the Squiggly Thing Vendor along with an apology note because they goofed up the last order.

Yesterday she received notice that the order had shipped. That should not happen until today. She quickly double-checked with the freight carrier and, yes indeed, all the squigglies have been sent 2-day air:


It is officially warm in Texas now, and squigglies languish if kept too long in transit. This is why her To-Do list includes, "Call Squiggly Things, Inc and scream at Danny" (the account rep), and why the latest little apology note from Squiggly Things, Inc. now bears an expressive little doodle of a warty, frowny, beady-eyed, snaggle-toothed frustration monster.


The other noise you hear is me humming, "What a Difference a Day Makes."


Now that I think about it, she should THANK me. She has received so many Coupons of Apology and Savings Offers for Valued and Offended Customers that she is probably coming out ahead.

>|: [

p.s.  In other news, she is dealing with a national shortage of…preserved cats.  Here, kitty, kitty.