Day: June 3, 2015

I Didn’t Know the Bird Had Been Imprisoned…

The human female has not noticed that $20 is missing from her purse, along with her frequent-eater card from the local Burritotorium. As I planned, I shall take Sigyn out to lunch there. I have heard that the restaurant makes very good food, especially their rice, so we will go and see. Perhaps I shall eat all the rice so that there is none left for the human female on her next visit. She does not need to be carbing it up anyway.

Here we are. The decor is…eclectic. This sign is the most normal thing in the building.


Graffiti covers the walls, a metallic, crowned lady brandishing a burrito is poised crashing through one wall on a large motorcycle, and the servers seem all to be decoratively tattooed and pierced. (No, Sigyn, I do not think you need a tattoo.)

Most Midgardian restaurants do not allow the presence of animals. This one, however, has a large number of crinkly metallic creatures roaming around. As usual, Sigyn has made friends quickly. I am considering training this bird to be a battle steed.


Ah, time to order. One moves along the serving line, instructing the Burritoteers as to the kinds and amounts of ingredients to assemble. I am pleased to see that I may build my meal upon a green (spinach) tortilla, while my beloved has ordered a red (cayenne pepper) one. I want all green ingredients on mine–lettuce, guacamole, cilantro lime rice, roasted green peppers, green chili sauce, chicken…. Ehehehehehe! I jest. The chicken is perfectly fine.

This is the result of a dozen small decisions–a solid log of a meal that will take both hands and more than a little magic to consume:


What good fortune! The human female’s “eataburrita” card has enough points for a free burrito! Sigyn, yours is free! Though I fear shall have to help you with it–it is many times your girth and weight.

Food coma in 4…3…2…1

>|: [