Day: June 12, 2015

What’s the Fuss About?

You humans and your friend just couldn’t get over not being able to poke in the pen store the other day, could you? No, you jumped in the car and made a return trip to the big city to visit the store when it is open.

The place is full of fountain pens, all right. I’m impressed! I had no idea there were so many different kinds. I don’t see the point of someone owning more than one or two, and *I* don’t feel the need to own one at all, but I suppose I can appreciate the variety.


Am I reading that price right? I had no idea they could be so pricey. Why pay that much for something you will probably lose within a month?

Sigyn has found one that has the looks of a fast sports car, in just her color.


Um, Sigyn, have you seen what they want for that one? Back away, very, very slowly… There’s a good girl.

There’s a clever little rainbow of a book on the counter, full of writing samples in all of the different colors of ink they carry. It’s the most interesting thing in the stop, and I’d like to sit and pick out a signature color of green for my own use in non-fountain pen projects, and Sigyn is interested in the pinks and reds, but the mortals are monopolizing it. That’s all right. We can go over and look at the pre-owned classic pens in that case over there.


Now that green one in the celluloid that looks like shell… That one I actually sort of like.

The owners of this fine shop have made sure to carry a lot of stock. There are boxes and drawers and bins and cabinets of pen parts and accessories. A fellow could get lost in here!


The human female is considerably less pen-crazy than the males. She has tried several today, and she still can’t find one that is comfortable for or, or that she can write with without getting ink everywhere. She has now wandered over to a display of silver-point utensils. It’s an ancient art that uses a soft metal tip to make marks with. I have read about this and would like to try it.


Interesting, but the end result doesn’t look any different from graphite pencil.


Argh. Why are we still here? While you drone on forever, with all your talk of ink flow and barrels and converters,I am growing bored, and that is never a good thing, or a safe one. Go on, you nib-nerds, and dither. I think I will do a little rearranging and relabeling. I will blunt points, loosen gaskets, and unscrew ink bottle lids just a little. When you have left, the proprietor is going to spot some of the chaos, and closer inspection will reveal open boxes of stationery with one dog-eared sheet in each. All the pens in the non-fountain pen display are going to be mixed up in their little cubbyholes. The owner is going to scroll through the security footage, find your faces, and make a little poster with you and "permanently barred from premises" on it.

I don’t think you need to worry about finding this store open ever again.

>|: [