Day: June 14, 2015

In search of goodies, Part II: We’re still at Joseph’s

It could be very hard indeed to choose the most interesting thing in this store. I am leaning toward this fancy pasta:


Because a) made with green, spiky things; b) full of ripped out hearts (only vegetables, but still); c) stuffed with cheese; and d) stuffed with more cheese…

Sigyn is giggling back at this funny red cow


and wondering where she can get some big, dangly earrings like that.

I am surveying the aisle with all the sauces and toppings. Sigyn–come here! You will want to see this, I think.


I’ve heard this stuff is delicious. I believe that “dulce de leche” means “sticks to fillings,” and “fleur de Sel” translates to “sit down with a spoon and eat the whole jar at once.”

Oooooooooh. Sigyn, you distract the humans while I drop a jar or two of this into their basket. Don’t you imagine it is good on just about anything?


The humans are looking at interesting beers and hard ciders. Sigyn thinks this wine sounds as if it might be good.


Of course she does. Violet-scented wine–what will they think of next?

>|: [