Day: June 16, 2015

In search of goodies, Part IV: Sigyn is happy

The human female loves to bake, though she doesn’t do it often for reasons of time. Also, the human male doesn’t care for sweets much, so if she makes something, she can end up eating it ALL herself. (Which is why her pants fit the way they do. Well, that and because I’ve taken them all in a bit here and there. She’s convinced she’s ballooning up and she’s only partly right.)

This shop has a dazzling array of baking spices and seasonings, and Sigyn is over the moon, sniffing everything and chattering with the female about recipes. She has all but climbed into the Baking Assortment box!


I am sure that, with a little encouragement, the human female will bore us to death on the ride home with a lecture all about the different kinds of cinnamon. I think I will steal some bits of crystallized ginger to stuff in my ears.

Hold! Sigyn, what is that? It’s pretty, but surely that’s not edible!


It smells a little like those black jelly bird eggs that you like.

I am deeply suspicious…

>| : p