Day: June 17, 2015

In search of goodies, Part V: I found the Loki section of the store.

Turns out it’s not all baking spices and wooden stars in here. They have a whole section tailored to my tastes.


Surely if they have a Green Goddess blend, there’s one here somewhere for a God who likes Green?

And this one seems intended to appeal to Frost Giants.


Wait! Over here against this wall, there’s a whole section devoted to chili peppers, those piquant little berries that Midgardians can’t seem to get enough of. Form the meekly mild to the truly incendiary, they’re all here. Usually the humans get the slightly-spicy-yet flavorful Aleppo peppers or the robust-and-smoky Anchos, but you know, all these chilies look pretty much alike.


It’d be just awful if somehow some of these wicked little fellows got mixed up in the jars back home.

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