Day: June 19, 2015

In search of goodies, Part VI: Spectral anomalies

Augh! We are shopping *again*. No trip to the big city would be complete without a trek to the big, big food market the humans like so much. The female, particularly, just can’t stay away from the produce.

We’ve BEEN here. We’ve DONE this. RECENTLY. I am bored of vegetables.So you know what? I’m just going to let my magic flit and flutter about in here and make them all a little more interesting. Let’s turn up the color a bit.


The beets will be yellow.


The kohlrabi will look even weirder in purple.

I can’t do much with these tomatoes, but the asparagus will be more fun if it is white and purple.


And cauliflower? Pfft! Three new colors, none of them white…


I will make all the peaches be white inside…


… and then I shall sit on them and squash them all until they look like little inner tubes.

Now can we go?

>|: [