What a nice surprise!

The human female has taken her overseas book package out in the sunshine to open it.


Look, Sigyn–look at all the funny animals and pretty plants! I think you’ll like this book!


But I’m not sure you’re going to be able to read it! Let me see if I can make some of it out. “Once upon a time, between Easter and Pentecost…” By my pointy pagan helmet (which I am not wearing, because it is hot out here today) this book seems prepared to mix religion and plants and little animals wearing shoes. Turn the page, and let’s see how it goes on.


Judging by the squealing noises she is making, I suspect the human female bought it for the illustrations alone. Apparently, though the entomology is a bit dodgy (bees with buckets?!), the flowers are depicted well enough that they can be identified to genus.


Blah, blah, blah Campanula, blah, blah, Convolvulus and Briza…. Isn’t she curious about the text at all? “Smudgeman Mole, his wife, and three Malwine boys, all in shiny velvet coats… had not the slightest sense for horticulture…” This book is bizarre!


Why are the dung beetles wearing shoes? What does a grasshopper put in its pipe? What has the mouse in the apron so exercised–the grasshopper squatting on his compost heap, the unfinished barrowing the beetles have scuttled away from, or the headlines in today’s paper??

I have so many questions.

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