Day: June 28, 2015

How did that get there?

Sometimes the humans’ refrigeration unit seems to be empty, but more often there isn’t room to squeeze so much as a lima bean in there. Open the door, things fall out.

Deli goodies get hidden, condiments go missing. Where did the last orange wander off to? Didn’t they have feta cheese? The female swears they did; the male isn’t sure… They forget what is lurking at the back. This is where all the plastic containers have gone to. Unlabeled leftovers turn into semi-sentient entities. It’s a cross between a treasure hunt and an episode of “Hoarders.” And then–O happy day! Something like a long-lost, half-empty jar of peanut butter comes to light and meets up with its twin (also half-empty) and it becomes clearer why there are space problems.


These two jars can party with the full jar waiting in the pantry.

And that just-purchased broccoli has a doppleganger in the crisper drawer.

Of course, it doesn’t help that they’ll blindly buy whatever ends up on the shopping list, no matter how it gets on there.*

>|: [

* Which explains the three jars of ground coriander in the cupboard and the unopened bottle of pomegranate molasses, circa 2006.